A Genetic Programming Toolbox for MATLAB

by Sara Silva

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Welcome to the homepage of
GPLAB - a Genetic Programming toolbox for MATLAB
(MATLAB is a product from The MathWorks)

I started developing GPLAB after searching for a free GP system for MATLAB and realizing there was none (which is not true any longer). After using it extensively for my own work I decided to release it, and the new versions that followed were the result of the many comments, suggestions, and additional code I have received from several users ever since - thank you all!

GPLAB includes most of the traditional features usually found in GP tools. It is able to accomodate a wide variety of usages, but its highly modular structure makes it a particularly versatile, generalist and easily extendable tool, highly suited for testing new elements and techniques in GP research.

If you are not a MATLAB user but are looking for an Evolutionary Computation tool, you may want to visit this page (a bit outdated, but still useful).

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