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Hello stranger, and welcome to my homepage!

I am principal investigator at FCUL and
member of the BioISI research center, UL

I am also an invited researcher of the
ECOS group at CISUC, UC

My main research interests are Genetic Programming,
other flavours of Evolutionary Computation
and all other biologically inspired methods.

I am also interested in applications, mostly in
Biomedical Informatics and Remote Sensing.

     arrow   Recent publications here (includes finished dissertations by students),
               older ones here

     arrow   Recent Best Paper Awards: EuroGP-2009, EuroGP-2010, EvoIASP-2010,
               EuroGP-2013, EuroGP-2014

     arrow   Editor-in-Chief of GECCO 2015;
               Programme Chair of EvoRISK-2013, EuroGP-2012, EvoRISK-2012, EuroGP-2011;
               Track Chair of EPIA-2013 (ALEA), IBERAMIA-2012 (Bio-Inspired Computing),
               EPIA-2011 (ALEA); Publication Chair of EuroGP-2010; Member of the local
               organizing committee of RECOMB-2010, EuroGP-2004

     arrow   Member of the Editorial Board of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines;
               Member of the Programme Committe of GECCO 2005-07-08-09-10-11-12-13, CEC 2013,
               EuroGP 2009-10-11-12-13-14-15, EvoBIO 2012-13, EvoRISK 2012-13, EvoIASP 2013-14,
               ALEA 2009-11-13, SOCO 2010-11-12-13, IBERAMIA 2012-14, EVOLVE 2013-14, WSC 15-16-17;
               Reviewer for AI Commun, ASOC, EVCO, GPEM, Heat Transfer Eng,
               HERA, IEEE TEVC, IEEE TGARS, Int J Heat Mass Tran, NCA, PLoS ONE,
               PAI, Recent Patents on Computer Science, Soft Comput, Water Resour Res

     arrow   Principal Investigator of project EnviGP; Team member of projects MassGP, InteleGen,
               PneumoSys, HIVcontrol; Past international projects STORMS, EURIS

     arrow   GPLAB - A Genetic Programming Toolbox for MATLAB

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     arrow   Pictures of my PhD defense