A Genetic Programming Toolbox for MATLAB

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Here you can find the files that were released before version 4:

Bug fixes (June 2009):
More than two years after Version 3 came out, and all you have to offer is a few bug fixes??? Well... yes! :-)
Here is a brief description of each bug, followed by a zip file containing all the fixes:

Version 3 (April 2007):

Update from previous version:

From the user's manual, section 1.1 (Update from version 2.x):

"Version 3 implements several additional techniques for bloat control. Many of these techniques are new and rely on a dynamically changing population size, acting along the survival process. Another technique is based on the adjustment of fitness according to size, which implied keeping track of both the adjusted fitness and the raw fitness (equal when there is no adjustment), and using the adjusted values along the selection process. All this implied major changes, resulting in a large extension of the operational structure itself. As always, modularity has been a priority, and GPLAB can now easily adopt new survival methods as well as new fitness adjustment functions."

Other important changes:

Here is a list of significant changes made to the user's manual:

Here you can find the files that were released before version 3:

Bug fixes (October 2006):
Just when you thought this new version was finally bug-free... voilą! There were error messages whenever a test data set was used. Two updated files solve the problem. You only need them if you are using Version 2.1.

Version 2.1 (October 2006):
The artificial ant bugs spotted on the previous GPLAB release are finally solved. Because an efficient solution demanded that many files were changed, and others created, I have decided to make a new release that incorporates all that had been previously released for Version 2 plus these new ant fixes. Besides solving the bugs, this new release includes a simulation function (antsim.m) for watching the best ant move on the trail. It also includes an improvement to the mypower.m function. Please see the acknowledgements.

Update from previous version:
If you already have Version 2 + Bug fixes + Efficiency boost (April 2005) and you do not intend to use any of the artificial ant functions, or the mypower.m function, then you do NOT need this new release. If you want to see the ants working properly but you had already made changes to other toolbox files, just download the ant fixes containing only the files that were changed. You can also download the new mypower function separately. The new user's manual only differs from the previous one on Chapter 1 - Introduction and Chapter 6 - Summary of toolbox functions, so please think twice before printing the whole thing again.

Here you can find the files that were released before version 2.1:

Ant fixes (October 2006):

The artificial ant bugs are finally solved. An efficient solution demanded that many functions were changed, and others created. Besides solving the artificial ant bugs, this fix includes a simulation function (antsim.m) for watching the best ant move on the trail. Please see the acknowledgements.

Power fix (October 2006):

The function mypower.m could issue an error under specific circumstances, and this new version solves the problem, thanks to Ali Nazemi.

Version 2 + Bug fixes + Efficiency boost (April 2005):

If you have never downloaded GPLAB, or are getting confused with all the minor updates, you can download the most recent available version with the bug fixes and efficiency boost already incorporated, in a single file: (123 files, 111KB). The user's manual has been unchanged since the release of Version 2 (scroll down).

Efficiency boost for Version 2 (April 2005):

Bug fixes for Version 2 (August-September 2004):
Version 2 (May 2004):

Update from previous version:
The GPLAB toolbox isn't really that different from what it used to be. If you already have the previous version of the user's manual and don't feel like printing 57 pages where most of them will not bring anything new, or if you simply worry about the trees, here is the list of the manual's sections that have suffered major changes:

You should also check the new Parameters and State variables tables (in the beginning of chapters 3 and 4), as well as the list of Toolbox Functions (chapter 6). Oh well, maybe you should just print the whole thing and I should have saved myself some time...

Here you can find the files that were released before version 2:

Bug fixes (November 2003):
I knew it - they were hiding, but they were there! These will be incorporated into the next version (not the bugs - the fixes). For now, you just need to replace the updated toolbox files (between brackets in the bugs description below). Sorry!

If you prefer all fixes in one file, here it is: You can use these fixes in both versions.

Version 1.1 (October 2003):
There was an inefficiency problem in the evaluation function 'regfitness'. Thanks to the users who have reported it, now it runs much faster.

Update from Version 1:
If you already have Version 1, you really don't need to download and print everything again. Just replace the toolbox files that have been updated and print the update to the user's manual. Afterwards, don't forget to download the bug fixes.

Version 1 (July 2003):
Please download the files here.

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